Levenhuk is the exclusive distributor of Meade products in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia

Levenhuk is the exclusive official distributor of the world-famous Meade brand in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Meade Instruments is an American company and the world’s largest manufacturer of telescopes, solar telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and telescope accessories.

A wide assortment of Meade optical products will please stargazers of different experience levels – from novice to advanced astronomers. The telescopes combine high quality with revolutionary technologies such as Advanced Coma Free optics, Ultra-High Transmission Coatings, StarLock automatic guider and AudioStar computerized locating system. Meade optical products will make observing the Universe exciting and convenient!

A wide range of Meade optical devices is now available in Levenhuk stores.

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Infinity Series

These lightweight and easy to operate telescopes are perfect for the observer who views both astronomical and terrestrial objects. They come with a standard set of accessories required for observations and AutoStar Suite astronomy edition software on DVD. This bonus DVD will help you learn the night sky and displays more than 10,000 celestial objects including planets, stars, galaxies and nebulas.

StarNavigator NG Series

Easy to operate, lightweight, and portable telescopes at affordable prices with robotic mount and AudioStar computer controller. This incredible AudioStar technology knows the night sky right out of the box. Turn it on, and after a brief alignment procedure, your telescope is ready to take you on a guided tour of the night sky’s best objects. Includes apertures from 90mm to 130mm in both refractors, reflectors, and Maksutov-Cassegrain optical designs.

ETX Observer Telescopes

Ultimate portable computerized telescopes with GoTo mounts and AudioStar controller provide astronomers quality, value and performance. ETX Observer features the AudioStar handbox controller, which gives you easy access to a 30,000 object database and includes a built-in speaker that plays educational content about the celestial objects you view.

Adventure Scope Series

Excellent telescopes for beginning astronomers seeking to observe both day and night objects up close. These lightweight and portable refractors give observers options – view the beautiful countryside, including trees and meadows – or view the stellar, dazzling sky, including stars, Moon, and planets.

Polaris Telescopes

Polaris series telescopes will please both novice astronomers and more experienced amateurs. The telescopes come complete with everything you need to view the wonders of the night sky the first time out. These high-quality optical devices will become great companions and will make observations exciting and convenient.

EclipseView Series

This line of telescopes is specially designed for safely viewing the Sun. You can now view the Sun, Moon, Planets, and more with just one telescope. Setup the EclipseView at night and see the craters of the Moon and planets! Use your Eclipse during the day and safely view sunspots!

Meade Binoculars

A wide range of high-quality binoculars of various price categories and different purposes: for tourists and travelers, for hunters and fishermen, small compact binoculars, professional models and even binoculars for night sky observing.

LX200 Series

The most widely used, research-grade, telescope system. The LX200 brings an amazing array of features: Advanced Coma-Free optics, Ultra-High Transmission Coatings, GPS, Primary Mirror Lock, Oversized Primary Mirror, AutoStar II GoTo system and more. Now you can own similar optics to what the professionals use.

LX90 Series

Performance, quality, value and ease of use are the hallmarks of LX90 telescopes. The telescopes feature AudioStar technology that helps you locate and track any of over 30,000 celestial objects automatically and built-in GPS. With Advanced Coma-Free optical systems and Ultra-High Transmission Coatings, you have the ultimate in premium optics.

Coronado PST Solar Telescopes

The Personal Solar Telescope is the world’s most popular telescope for observing the Sun. This highly portable, dedicated solar scope features completely internal, non-removable and safe solar filtering optics. It will show you the dynamic, ever-changing prominences at the edges of the Sun as well as the filaments and other surface details.

Wilderness Spotting Scopes

The ultimate optical devices for hunting and observing wildlife. They are waterproof, with sliding lens shades to improve contrast and variable zoom. Can be mounted on a tripod and used for long-term observations in all weathers.

LightBridge Mini Telescopes

The LightBridge Mini telescopes are ideal for the first acquaintance with space and allow you to set up and share the stargazing experience in seconds. Each model requires no aligning or assembly, meaning you are ready to go out of the box!


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